Elias Joaquín Little
Aspiring Polymath

Hello World, I'm Elias. I'm currently a Sophmore at Cornell University 🌿 ​I am planning on majoring in Operations Research with a double minor in Math and CS (with possibly a third in Physics time permitting – I'm a tad ambitious). I play Cello 🎻 for Anything Goes, I'm a member of SHPE, and help around at Torzal Guitars 🎸as I can.

Born in California and raised in Texas, only one thing is certain. I'm liberal with my servings of BBQ. Most of my time is occupied working on all sorts of various projects, most of which are continuously works in progress. Some of my current projects include final testing before officially launching Monte Carlo Credit 💳, working on Bright Future News 📰, and expanding on this very website. Some projects that I often will revert back to include working on an electric guitar that I started building about 3 years ago, working on Project Euler Problems➗, or trying to learn piano 🎹 yet again.

My greatest passion in life is learning new things. My primary interest are found in the STEM realm, including math, computer science, physics, but they reach far beyond that. I am an avid musician and connoisseur of music, I am also have recently been getting my feet wet with psychology. Other topics of interest to me include architecture, material science, philosophy, and finance.

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